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Welcome to Hair & Hound Hairdressers in Twickenham, your go-to destination for exquisite balayage transformations. Our colourists are highly skilled in the art of balayage, a technique that effortlessly enhances the beauty of your hair while providing a touch of modern sophistication. Book your balayage appointment by calling the salon on 0203 474 0882.

Blonde balayage at Hair & The Hound Salon in Twickenham


We can create beautiful balayage transformations using the foilyage technique where we use foils to perfectly place your highlights.  This creates a natural look with precision that is softer with a less noticeable grow-out.

brown balayage at Hair & The Hound Salon in Twickenham

Balayage For Darker Hair

We can seamlessly blend lighter tones into darker hair colours to create a sultry multi-dimensional effect. Whether you prefer subtle caramel accents or bold chocolate-to-copper transitions, our balayage for dark hair shades will create a sophisticated finish that speaks volumes.

money piece balayage at Hair & The Hound Salon in Twickenham

The Money Piece

Elevate your balayage experience with our signature money piece face-framing highlights. This technique strategically places brighter, lighter strands around your face, creating a stunning focal point to accentuate your facial features.

lived in blonde at Hair & The Hound Salon in Twickenham

Lived In Blonde Balayage

Lived-in blonde balayage not only looks effortless, but it's designed to grow out seamlessly, requiring minimal upkeep with no harsh regrowth lines. Lived-in blonde is the perfect choice for those who desire a stunning look without the constant commitment of salon touch-ups (although why not come in for a quick glossing treatment to keep your colour looking fresh?).

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The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré

There are several different looks available when we talk about balayage and ombre so your best bet is to show us some images of looks you love. With balayage, we often create a more natural and blended look, while ombré focuses on a gradual transition from darker to lighter shades, typically with a more defined line.  We will be happy to guide you through these techniques during your consultation, helping you choose the perfect style to suit your taste and lifestyle.

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